First Session

What to Wear

Beginners should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. After a few sessions you will be expected to purchase a Gi (£25 for adults, £20 for juniors).

First Session

Getting to Highbury Jitsu

We train at Sotheby Mews Day Centre

Our venue is a short walk from Arsenal Tube or take the 4, 19 or 236 bus from Finsbury Park to Riversdale Road. From Highbury & Islington Tube take the bus 4 or 19 to St Joan of Arc School. Walk down and turn right onto Sotheby Road.

First Session

Turn Up on Time

Arrive 10 minutes early to get changed, familiarise yourself with the venue and ask any questions. Sessions start promptly at 6:00pm for juniors and 7:30pm for adults.

First Session

How Much is my First Session?

Your first session is completely Free!

First Session

What if I Want to Continue After my First Session?

Subsequent classes are £5 per session for adults and £15 per calendar month for juniors.

Other costs

TJJF license/membership. A one-time payment outlined on the online form which enables you to train at any affiliated club in the UK and beyond for 12 months. Payable to our governing body within two weeks of your training.


If you are under 18, your parent/guardian must complete and submit the online form on your behalf before training.

Highbury Jitsu

Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Sotheby Road, N5 2UT

First Session

So, what can you expect when you first walk through the door?

First of all, say hello! If you look slightly lost, chances are that someone will ask if they can help you. If people are already changed, look for a person wearing big black trousers, or any Brown or Black belt. Jiu Jitsu clubs are full of friendly people and we were all beginners once.

Before you can take up your free trial session, you must complete and submit the online form and adhere to our COVID-19 protocols. Under 18's must have their parent/guardian complete and submit the online consent form on their behalf.

Beginners should wear loose comfortable clothing such as jogging trousers and a t-shirt. You will also need to remove or cover piercings, jewellery, watches, necklaces. We train barefoot.

Once the mats are down and everyone is changed, a senior grade or the Sensei will start the warm-up. This does exactly what is says on the tin; warm you up. As with all physical activity, warm muscles and mobile joints work much better in Jitsu. The motions and exercises of the warm up make sure that we are prepared for the session.

There may also be a few traditional exercises like press-ups or sit-ups. If one of the reasons you are at Jitsu is to improve your fitness, don't worry! Just do what you are capable of and let the others do their thing. We know that 10 press-ups can be an achievement in itself. It's better to do 3 good ones rather than 10 rubbish ones.

After the warm-up, we line up and rei. This is a formal greeting to begin the session properly. If it's your first time, you'll be at the end of the mat nearest the door. Just follow what the others do as you kneel down. The grade at the head of the line will command "Sensei, ni-rei!" and you bow to the Sensei. Sensei bows back.

At this point there is usually some falling practice and instruction. Jitsu involves lots of being thrown on the floor, so it's important that we know how to land safely. Although the essence is simple, this needs quite a bit of practice to become really proficient. For your first session, either the Sensei or one of the senior grades will take you to one side, along with any other novices, to teach you the basics.

For the rest of the session, the format is generally that the Sensei will demonstrate a technique and then people practice in pairs. It will often be broken down into steps; where to move, how to position, how to apply.

You may be asked show the rest of the class what you have just been doing during the session. Enjoy this and show off!

At the end of the session there is a warm-down, to stretch the muscles we have been using and reduce any stiffness in the morning. (After your first session, a warm bath at home is probably a good idea.) After this we line up again and rei to formally close the session. Then put the mats away, get changed and go to the Pub.


  1. Have fun
  2. Arrive 10 minutes before the session starts; 6:00pm Juniors 7:30pm Seniors
  3. Wear loose fitting clothes (T-shirt, jogging bottoms)
  4. First Session is FREE.
  5. If you are under 18 you will need your parents permission